Day 1.


Arrival to Bratislava/Vienna, welcome on airport, trasport to the hotel. After check-in visit the Memorial for a Guard Squads in Rača. The hoar-stone dedicated to soviet army is bearing this speech: " Honour and glory for the heroic guard parts of the Soviet army, which at 3.4. 1945 has muddled trough to the north borders of Bratislava and on another day they absolved it from off Hitler occupants.

Day 2.


After breakfast road long 210 km to the Žilina. Military cemetery on Bôrik was opened in 30th April 1946. There are burried 1786 soviet soldiers fallen in fights by passage of the front from Liptovský Mikuláš to Žilina in 1945. There is built the main memorial, mass graves and graves of the soldiers of the Red Army. The autors of the cemetery are soviet architects and in 1981 it was inscribed in to list of Slovak national culture monuments.
Overnight in Žilina.

Day 3.


After breakfast 80km long road to Liptovský Mikuláš. Near the town you can enjoy the 2km long walking tour on the Road of heroes to the Háj-Nicovô – the place of one of the hardest fihts for the acquittal, where 4563 czechoslovakian and soviet soldiers were fallen. The town was acquited after 62 days of fights.
Continue 172 km to Košice and check-in in hotel. Overnight in Košice.

Day 4.


Sight-seening and visit the memorial for the Soviet soldiers situated on the Liberators Square. This memorial is dedicated to members of 4.ukraine front fallen during the fights to absolve Košice in second world war. The names and grades of 14 fallen soldiers are adduced on the symbolic gravestones. They are burried on the Communal cemetery with other soldiers of the soviet army.

Road long 90km to Svidník, where is situated the Military museum, which seats in the building, which resembles to antitank mine. This exposition is giving interesting witness about the Carpathian - Dukla operations flow in 1944. It documents about the flow of difficult fights, which were enacted on the North-west Slovakia during the first and second World war. In the museum you can see autentic photographs of fihts, personal memories, variety of the weapons and founds from the battlefields for the Dukla defile. In the park near the museum is situated extern exposition of the heavy military technique. Next-door of exposition stands from 1954 Memorial for the Soviet army, where is burried more than 9 thousand soldiers, who were fallen at autum 1944. On the right side of the memorial is situated the Park of the Military technique with military technique used during the Carpathian - Dukla operations.
Overight in Košice.

Day 5.


After breakfast road long 200 km to the town Zvolen. Visit the Memorial for the soldiers of soviet army situated on the Square SNP ( Slovak national rebellion ). Soviet soldiers fallen during the absolving of the town were burried here and on spring 1945 the soviet army in cooperation with town citizens have built the Memorial. It flats off from squared footstall to obelisk, on which are inserted symbols of the ZSSR, thanks text and the names of the fallens. Beside the memorial are held reverent acts during the state feastes.

Day 6.


Road long 82km to the town Kamenín. Between willages Stone Bridge and Kamenín, on the raised plot on the left side of the river Hron is dominating Memorial of the fihts of the divisions Wemacht and Red army in 1945. Monument in Kamenín was builded in typical style of the socialistic building whole made from beton. From the highest point is magnificant vista on the downhron battlefield from the winter 1945.
Road long 56km to the town Štúrovo and vist the military cemetery from second world war, inscribed in the List of national culture memories of Slovakia. There are burried ther relics of 5247 fallen soldiers of the Red army in individual and common graves, fallen during the military operations to absolve Štúrovo. Dominant of the cemetery is the statue - monument of the sorroving mother.
Continue road long 30km to the village Búč. Check-in in the hotel. Visit the wine cellar of the hotel, tasting ot the 10 kinds of high-qualite archival wines with the expert comment. In the case of interest is here a possiblity for relax in wellness centre. The last night ot the trip will be in the sign of fun with lot of high-qualitie wine and tasty food.

Day 7.


Road long 25km to the town Komárno. Visit one of the most important and appelaing Monuments here – fortification system, inscibed in the List of national ulture memories of Slovakia. I tis more torifications generated to restructured bastion type system. At 20.century, the central fortification served for the military purposes. For example the barracks of the Czechoslovakia army, later at 1968 was used by the soviet armies.
At the centre of the town, there is situated the Statue of Mariner to honour the absorving of the town by the Red army in 30.3. 1945.
After sight-seeing road to Bratislava and trasport to airport.


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