Slovakia has centuries-old tradition of pilgrimages, mainly to the places of adoration of the Virgin Mary .In present slovak pilgrimage sites are visited mostly by local believers. These places offer the chance for the inspiration for pilgrimages with viewing of cultural and natural attractions. The most important route, which runs across the Slovakia is Marian Pilgrimage Route along the international long distance hiking trail I23 from Czenstohcova through the Krakow to Levoča, continues trough the Low Tatras, High Fatra, White and Small Carpathians to Bratislava.( in Austria the route leads to Vienna and from there it follows the traditional Route of the Via Sacra onwards the Lower Austrian pre-Alps to Maria Zell.
Selection of Slovak national pilgrimage sites:

Šaštín – National sanctuary of Our Lady of Sorrows

Levoča – Chucrh of the Virgin Mary, statue of the Virgin Mary with opened arms

Marianka – the oldest pilgrimage site in Slovakia with gothic church of Virgin Mary and her statue holding the infant Jesus

Staré Hory – Church of the Virgin Mary, Gosthic statue holding the infant Jesus

Nitra – Church of the Assumption of Mary located on the Mount of Calvary, Gothic statue of Our Lady of the Sorrows

Ľutina – Greek-Catholic site of pilgrimage

Báč – Franciscan Church and Mnastery, merciful image of the Virgin Mary belongs to the Weeping icons

Banská Bystrica – Baroque Calvary with stations of Our Lady of Sorrows

Dubrnica – Church of St.Jacob, statue of the Virgin and Queen Marry holding the infant Jesus

Gaboltov – Church of the St.Adalbert, altar piece of the Virgin Mary of Mt.Carmel

Košice – Church at Calvary, Baroque statue of Our Lady of the Sorrovs

Modrý kameň – The icon of Our Lady of Sorrows located in the church of St.Anthony of Padua comes from the castle chapel

Rajecká lesná – Neo-Gothic church of the Virgin Mary ( Basilica minor ), Ghotic statue of Virgin Mary holding the infant Jesus

Trnava – St. Nicholas Casthedral – the Weeping image of the Mary of Trnava

Trstená – Chapel of the Virgin Mary of Mt.Carmel located at the parish church



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