In present there are around 50 wooden churches built during the 16th-18th century, whose architecture combined elements of the western, mainly Roman Catholic tradition of the Byzantine culture, the oldest ones are inspired by the Gothic style. They represent the spiritual wealth of the country. The oldest one is located in Hervatov ( 1500 ). The others are in Šariš – Tročany, Trnové, Tvrdošín and the church in Zábrežie transfered to the open-air museum of Oravian village in Zuberec. Wooden churches built during 17th-18th century are churches of the Orthodox faith. 27 of the churches were declarated national culture monuments. In the most of the churches untill today are services are held. Icons as a part of the Orthodox culture, are exhibitated in Gallery of Bardejov and Dezider Milly Gallery in Svidník. The Protestant prayer houses with Greek-cross plan built after Emperor Leopold I. in 1681 are very unique becasue of their all wooden parts without using a nails. In Slovakia are 5 churches located in Leštiny, Istebné, Kežmarok, Hronsek and St.Kríž. Because of value slovakian wooden churches are added to the UNESCO . ( Roman-Catholic churches in Hervatov and Tvrdošín, The Articular Lutheran churches in Kežmarok, Leštiny and Hronsek, the churches of the Orthodox faith in Bodružal, Ladomírová and Ruská Bystrá. )


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